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Tough Week

So last week, on Monday at 11:37 my grandfather passed away. Without going into details it wasn't unexpected....but it was at the same time- and it is very hard to deal with right now. Last week was the hardest week of my life. I had a three day weekend at PSU all planned out, which got cancelled, and I took the week off from work. My boss had the nerve to ask my boyfriend to ask me when I'm going to make up the days- that's an entirely different story.

Anyway- the wakes were Thurs and Fri and the funeral was on Saturday- extremely sad and depressing....my mom is not doing well and neither is my grandmother- and my grandfather was the only thing close to a father that I had...and now he's gone- no one to watch the Yanks with anymore...no one to call up and say "did you see my nittany lions last Saturday?"...it's a really rough situation right now- plus all the family drama.

And I was reminded that it's times like this you find out who your friends are...yeah- well I've found out. How about the lame ass text msg. that I got from Chris...yeah- the wedding between him and Brit next weekend (that she STILL hasn't sent me the dress for)- he didn't even fucking call- why should I give a fuck about this wedding if he can't take two minutes out of his schedule to call and see how I am? I'm seriously considering saying fuck you- you're out one bridesmaid- and a lot of my friends back me up on that- they don't deserve it- for all the shit that I've done for them and this is what they think of me? WTFever.

Joel also didn't call- not once- at all- this is one of my best friends? Please.

Basically, if you weren't there for me, and knew you should've been- don't ever fucking talk to me again- ever- that behavior is unacceptable-

GTG back to work- just needed to vent.
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