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It's BRRRR in here!!

It's way too cold in this office- I'm dressed for January- can't wait to go outside and warm up. Heading to the bank and the mall during the lunch break that I never take. I need shoes..that I should own already.

Pretty busy day- got new glasses last night courtesy of my roommate who's dog chewed up my other ones that were (god forbid) on my dresser, in my room.

Show time tonight- senior citizen crowd- that should be inspiring.

Cool new necklace on...still think I payed too much for it.

John has an awesome picture of my eye on his OMP site..yes, my eye. onemodelplace.com, member number 6969.

Getting the car checked out Sat. morning- shopping for cast gifts- picking up the pooch from mom's-going to see a place in Madison- hopefully I'll love it and be able to move in- *Crosses fingers*

I smell so fantastic today.
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